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Wedding shoes comfort is very important
Have this idea can be a mistake, in fact, the wedding day to meet guest will stand for a long time, the toast is what want to walk around,christian louboutin outlet so the wedding shoes comfort can not be ignored.Many for the first time to wear shoes, suggest buy wedding shoe to put on a few days.

The wedding shoes is not necessarily high heels
High heels because its are sexy, elegant bride's acclaimed, but is unlikely to unify the wedding shoes, high heels if the bride had to wear high heels, or your body is too high, might as well choose a lovely flat shoes,christian louboutin outlet online dress up beautiful flat shoes can also wear a lasting appeal, however, keep in mind that on the day of the wedding, even if you don't wear high heels, also want to stand tall like wearing high heels, light step.

Generous to show the wedding shoes
Wedding shoes will be seen, even if the wedding dress trailing long again, also have occasionally peep out the instep, you know, part of the wedding wedding shoe but overall modelling.May take wedding photos, wedding dress is too long,christian louboutin outlet store because it is not easy to cover the problems of wedding shoe was photographed, even if was photographed, what regret, deal with PS pare off good, but think about JM, the wedding can't PS oh, a pair of beautiful and decent wedding shoes can accompany you through a very memorable day, even if be covered can't see is better than regret not carefully oh.

The wedding shoe style to generous
Buy what kind of wedding shoe wants to see you with what kind of wedding dress, for wedding wedding shoe collocation is closely linked.If your wedding dress style is simple in style, so the wedding shoes can buy to get some trival, fancy, can add bowknot,christian louboutin outlet online store bud silk, crystal, pearls, and so on.However, if the dress itself with the selected window is rich, the might as well make wedding shoe in a supporting role, choose some classic style, pure white, pearl white, rice white, pink, champagne, silver, etc are good options.
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